August 17, 2019

What is the content of the high quality electric forklift service?

What is the content of the high quality electric forklift service?

Electric forklift refers to the electric power to carry out the work of the forklift, most of them are working for the battery. The battery is a battery, it is the role of limited power can be stored up, in the right place to use. Electric forklift is a DC power supply (battery) for loading and unloading of vehicles in power, new materials and new technology, the most important embodiment is the transistor controller (SCR and MOS) application, it appears to greatly improve the performance of electric forklift. In a word, the durability, reliability and applicability of the electric forklift truck can be high, which can compete with the diesel forklift.

High quality electric forklift after-sales service content, including the following:

1, the warranty period: from the date of acceptance of the delivery of a year or 2000 hours (whichever is the first), life-long maintenance of home service.

2, within the warranty period forklift failure, is a manufacturing quality problems will be free to replace the damaged parts and components, and other costs to avoid.

3, the warranty period, customer service service personnel received the forklift failure information, immediately respond, was rushed to the scene within 6 hours; beyond the warranty period limit, forklift failure, required replacement parts according to the internal cost price (compared with imported forklift parts low price of about 40%~50%).

4, the warranty period, the forklift repair, if necessary, our company can provide spare forklift.

5, goods to, can be free for the user to train drivers and maintenance personnel.

6, to ensure that the most favorable price, the fastest speed for the user to provide spare parts and maintenance services for life.

The working principle of an electric forklift is to convert chemical energy into electrical energy. Electric forklift battery inside the battery is installed. Electric forklift can be divided into: four to three electric forklift, electric forklift forklift, four fulcrum fulcrum of balance heavy forklift, electric forklift, electric forklift, electric refrigerator dedicated series of material handling equipment.

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