August 17, 2019

Semi electric pile high car common fault phenomenon how to deal with

Pass dish elevator, also known as meal ladder, is a large hotel, restaurant, dining hall, restaurant and other businesses of new equipment. It is a small lifting equipment which is evolved from the cargo ladder. Dish machine has the part of it: (wire rope winch conversion equipment, and track is, the controller is power.

The role of the hotel, the first switch power supply, food equipment to the food, equipment, adequate energy. The controller of the equipment, press the up or down, the commands are transmitted to equipment frequency conversion winch, winch receives the command, scroll wire rope, lifting dish elevator car, the car safe transportation between floors, transmission function.

The usage rate of the hotel is more and more extensive, saving the manpower saving is a great deal of time, it is a hotel, the guesthouse, the restaurant is an indispensable lifting equipment.

Half of the common faults of the high car is mainly reflected in the following points:

1, half of the circuit section of the electric car is very small, but the correct maintenance and use is also very necessary. For example, do not use the undervoltage stacker, but can not charge while using stacker, do not have a period of time, often to the stacker must charge a charging, keep the battery power is sufficient, if the rain, use place power instability with the best regulated facilities, you can load.

2, the oil spill is high for a long time the car with a long oil seal, or wear may cause oil spills. Most of the oil spill is in connection with a cylinder or tubing pump, sealing, hand joint plate can be used to place tight nut twist a few more laps, but remember not to be too hard, otherwise lead to slip, trouble. If confirmed nuts have been tightened, or oil is needed to remove the nut, the gasket or the valve is replaced with the correct model or a new, re tighten, general such failures can be solved. In removing the caps, it must first be a fork to a minimum, so that the hydraulic oil in the oil line all the way back to the pump cylinder, avoiding large leakage.

3, semi electric stacker around the balance wheel is not level, this phenomenon is mainly because the stacker in daily load, deviated from the center of gravity, which side pressure is too large, and cause, can open the back cover, unscrew the wheel on the left and right balance respectively will lower screws, balance wheel shaft column put some gasket, gasket or balance wheel high on the appropriate to reduce, in order to achieve balance.

4, semi electric forklift truck fork with a fixed tray type and can be moving goods fork type. The thickness of the fork of the goods fork, the default is 60mm, if there are special requirements, can be customized thickness of small or larger. The root of the movable fork of the goods and the pile high car connection are respectively provided with a piece of gasket, through the screw adjusting the height of the pad, to achieve the purpose of adjusting the height of the front end of the fork.

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