August 17, 2019

Electric forklift manufacturers on the daily maintenance of electric forklift

Electric forklift refers to the electric power to carry out the work of the forklift, most of them are working for the battery. The battery is a battery, it is the role of limited power can be stored up, in the right place to use. It works by converting chemical energy into electrical energy. To electric forklift safe and efficient operation, be sure to pay attention to its daily maintenance:

1 regular protection, after each shift, from the forklift as a person to view the project based on the resolution of the forklift.

2 all parts of the car blowing dust, cleaning.

3 battery charging, discharge depth of up to 80% of the time required to charge immediately;

4 check the battery is not required to add distilled water, after charging, such as water level does not work, need to add water;

5 see water is not water, it is necessary to add cold antifreeze;

6 before starting, check the hydraulic oil system;

7 the whole vehicle is smooth, including the chain, the door frame, the butter nozzle;

8 check tire wear;

9 check the wire (cable) and the plug is not damaged;

10 lights, speakers, inverted mirror is not normal;

11 to see whether there is abnormal movement or abnormal feelings;

12 to see whether there is a picture of oil spills, including the throat, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic valves, gear box, brake total pump, etc.;

13 to see whether there is any screws, the fixed frame and other loose (loose) scene;

14 check the brake system is not normal;

15 to see whether the appearance of the appearance of abnormal appearance;

16 check the battery appearance is not a corrosion, such as corrosion, need to clean.

17 electric forklift battery inside the battery is installed. It should be noted that: the battery is best not because the internal battery horizontally! Is generally dilute sulfuric acid 22~28%. The battery is placed when the electrolyte can be submerged and plate left a little space if the battery horizontally if there will be a part of the electrode plate is exposed in the air, the battery plate is very negative, and the top of the general battery or battery has the observation hole outlet is communicated with the outside, so the battery electrolyte is placed horizontally easy outflow.

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