Equipment maintenance News

August 17, 2019

Electric forklift lifting weight smaller by motor driving

Electric forklift goods center on the supporting platform of the vehicle, which makes the electric forklift goods handling process is very smooth. At the same time, electric forklift has the operation performance is very flexible and can be high load operation etc.. At the same time in saving space and other aspects of the use […]

August 17, 2019

The main points of the 6 main parts of the whole electric forklift truck

Full electric forklift trucks to buy time, the warranty is generally stated that the vulnerable parts are not warranty; then the pile of high car which belong to the vulnerable part? So that the forklift truck today to share with you the loss of high car parts? Drive wheel – AC electric vehicle 1, wheels […]

August 17, 2019

Whether all electric forklift forklift need registration inspection?

Whether all electric forklift forklift need registration inspection? Full electric stacker forklift also known as the “automatic stacker” full electric stacker “pallet truck” and “automatic stacker” full electric stacker “and so on, is the electric power of the battery as energy storage equipment, motor as a power source. Its main function is to lift the […]

August 17, 2019

Cleaning and maintenance of manual hydraulic transport vehicle

Manual hydraulic van is a compact and convenient, flexible use, large carrying capacity, durable goods handling tools, commonly known as “cattle”. In addition to handling car consignment function, in order to facilitate the landing of goods, with a hydraulic device between car and ground wheel, can easily be pushed into the car body under the […]

August 17, 2019

How To Choose The Good Quality of Electric Forklift Casters

There are many methods of electric forklift casters, different factors determine the casters choice, the key is to choose the most suitable for your use. Methods the following recommended several options for electric forklift casters. First, capacity according to the design load to determine the bearing capacity of single casters need. The bearing capacity of […]

August 17, 2019

How To Choose a Scale Pallet Truck

How to choose and buy scale pallet truck. The purchase method of electronic scale truck:, electronic forklift truck scale range: 1, weighing sensor in actual use, should consider the weighbridge weighing body weight and vibration, shock, partial load etc.. Therefore, the principle of weighing sensor measuring range is different in different weighing systems. As a […]

February 18, 2015

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